Powerful Full Moon in Cancer 12/26/23

Here is the astrological energy for the Full Moon happening on Dec. 26th, 2023 at 7:33 pm eastern time.

This is the last full Moon of the year and is in the water sign Cancer. It is specifically powerful since the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. It is a beautiful time to ask yourself how to restore, nurture, and heal your heart, mind, body, and soul. How can you create greater comfort and happiness?

An exercise to help answer these questions is to enter into a calm state and reflect upon them. Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your emotions to surface and guide you rather than relying on your intellect alone. This process will help you discover your personal needs and what is rising in your heart at this moment.

The full moon in Cancer also resonates with home life, cultivating a loving, soulful family. There is potential to build sacred relationships where it is safe to share your true self. Within these relationships, there is an opportunity for greater intimacy and emotional depth.

The Moon is opposed The Sun in Capricorn During this Full Moon, you can explore your psychic, intuitive nature. At the same time, pay attention to feelings or impressions that will help you heal your physical or material reality. For your physical body, try yoga or massage to keep your joints healthy. Intuitive insights may provide healing pathways that can balance polarities relating to personal nourishment and ambitions, family security and material needs, and fear and self-discipline.

The Moon Cancer is sextile Jupiter in Taurus. This energy inspires feelings of happiness and faith within yourself. Self-care activities like exercise, dance or taking a warm bath can nourish your soul. It is a beautiful energy to celebrate with friends and family and to share a healthy meal.

The Moon is trine Saturn in Pisces. Deep inner work can flow at this time. Practicing meditation or creative activities can expand your consciousness. You can find Divine presence everywhere you go and see the divinity in others.

The Sun in Capricorn is trine Jupiter in Taurus. The Sun in Capricorn is trine Jupiter in Taurus, stimulating a sense of confidence and peace. You may feel optimistic and motivated to pursue your goals.

Mercury in Sagittarius is retrograde and conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. This energy supports having the courage to express your ideas and beliefs. Think about the meaning and purpose of your life. Ask yourself, am I in alignment with what I believe in? Write down your ideas and think about how you may take action in fresh directions. Possibly, you may experience a drive to expand your education or create ways to communicate with a greater audience. While Mercury is retrograde, review, revise, and think carefully before moving forward on ideas.

Mercury and Mars square Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces squaring Mercury and Mars may create a sense of confusion. It is essential to quiet your mind and, as I mentioned, reflect upon aligning your intellect, your authentic voice, and your actions with your spiritual beliefs. Spend time searching your soul to find the answers within your heart. These insights will help you walk your talk and connect to your divinity.

Venus in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces. Romantic, loving, sensual, and intimate relationships based on trust and honesty can deepen. Meditating together can strengthen spiritual bonds.

Venus is also sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This energy inspires liberation and the power of love to heal wounds within relationships. By honoring each other’s truth, you create a sacred space where you each can bare your souls. Applying self-discipline and commitment toward taking the relationship to a higher ground can provide healing. I hope you found that helpful. During a Full Moon, it is a time to be creative, express gratitude, release unproductive energy, and forgive yourself and others. It’s a time to nurture yourself, relax, and reflect upon where you have been and where you want to go. With clarity, you can move forward and let go of the past.

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