What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that can complement traditional therapeutic interventions. The word Reiki combines two words. Rei means spiritual wisdom, universal spirit, or higher power, and Ki means life energy. In essence, Reiki can help enhance spiritual energy and life force energy.

The highest aim of Reiki is spiritual advancement. It is the energy of the life force. Reiki is beyond space and time and is present everywhere. It resonates with the highest level of consciousness in the Universe and carries the Hado or vibration of love.

Reiki energy is neither sent nor directed. The Reiki practitioner draws Reiki from the universal life force energy into their body and becomes a conduit for Reiki. The Reiki practitioner can then channel Reiki to their clients.

The Five Elements of the System of Reiki

  • The Five Reiki Principles:

All Practitioners will spiritually, mentally, and physically follow and respect the Five Principles of Reiki. Meditation on the five principles helps integrate Reiki.

  1. Just for today, I will not be angry.
  2. Just for today, I will not worry.
  3. Just for today, I will be grateful.
  4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
  5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.
  • The Four Symbols and The Four Mantras:

The word for mantra in Japan is either “kotodama” or “jumon.”Together, the mantras and symbols assist with connection to Reiki and focus Reiki energy during a treatment.

  • Hands-on healing practices for yourself and others

Beginner Reiki Practitioner courses utilize 12-hand positions that support the movement of energy throughout the body.

  • Techniques to treat the body, mind, spirit, and energy centers:

Mikao Usui developed a variety of meditation, breathing, and energetic techniques to help Reiki students generate greater energy flow through the body.

  • The Attunements:

Mikao Usui conceived the attunement Ritual to transmit the power of Reiki to student practitioners. The Reiki attunement ritual, called Reiju, blesses and initiates students.

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