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Evolutionary Astrological approach to Relationships, Love, and Intimacy

Synastry is a branch of astrology that studies the energetic connections within relationships. The astrological symbolism can help couples mutually support each other on the path to soul evolution, learn how to communicate with love, and deepen their level of intimacy.

In a loving relationship, soulmates can reveal their authentic self and enhance each other’s journey. From this place, they can weave a mutually supportive path that celebrates their gifts and path toward soul evolution.

This soul-centered connection creates the space for love and clear communication to flow. As they develop trust, they will understand each other’s character, needs, desires, and dreams. Together in love, they can walk through both intense stress and divine bliss. Their bond grows through active listening and celebrating each other’s strengths.

Alternatively, they can unintentionally sabotage each other by an unwillingness to face patterns that can stimulate growth. They may let fear of change take over or hide their truth, further sabotaging their happiness.

How can couples make the most of synastry analysis?

Astrology can offer the gift of clarity. Couples can make the most of synastry analysis by exploring and navigating the pathways toward a healing union.

By studying the birth charts of each individual, an astrologer can help couples discover how to enhance their communication skills, find harmony in areas that may breed tension, and offer loving and supportive insight that stimulates positive transformation for both people.

Synastry can also highlight themes that may lead to painful realizations within each individual that present an opportunity for soul growth. This insight can further help couples heal together. Above all else, lead with love. Each person must know and love themselves.

For synastry analysis to be helpful to couples, each individual must value a loving relationship, commitment, honesty, forgiveness, and trust. They must have the courage to look within their own heart and be willing to cultivate intimacy.

Synastry Analysis

Synastry analysis for couples starts with a thorough assessment of the individual birth charts. This process will highlight psychological patterns, personality, needs, and the evolutionary aim of each individual. Understanding their individual birth chart will help them understand themselves with greater depth. In turn, this will lead to an extensive understanding of each other and the complexity of their relationship.

From there, synastry can reveal sensitive areas where there are opportunities for growth within the relationship. This analysis can offer insights and solutions to support each individual and their interactions.

Further analysis can reveal shared experiences that bring happiness and joyous activities that cultivate love and greater intimacy.

In addition, it is beneficial to identify methods of healing that promote relaxation, the release of trauma, and the enhancement of physical intimacy, which can cultivate deep soul bonds.

In essence, synastry can assess the energy and feeling of both charts. It can open the door to discovering how couples can begin the journey of building a lasting, loving, and passionate bond.

Synastry: Venus and Mars

Venus energy shows us how to establish equilibrium, serenity, and release stress. Our response to art and beauty is also a function of Venus. In terms of synastry, Venus represents our ability to cultivate intimate, harmonious relationships with people we cherish. Venus inspires empathy and compassion and demonstrates how we give and receive love and affection. Our Venus reveals our values and, in turn, what we value in others. Understanding our values will impact our choices regarding who we share our life with, who we are attracted to, and how we attract others. It calls us to think not only about our personal needs and priorities, but the priorities of our friends and lovers. Embodying our Venus will help us find soul partners that inspire deep commitment and mutual healing based on trust and love. 

Mars inspires courage, self-assertion, self-preservation, and the drive to pursue our desires. Mars impacts our willpower. In terms of synastry, Mars stimulates our sex drive and impulse to pursue a romantic relationship. Mars provides the strength to face vulnerable situations with courage. In times of conflict, Mars helps us create boundaries, stand up for ourselves, and leave a relationship that may no longer be healing. Mars may also stimulate healthy or unhealthy competition between people.

Venus and Mars are equally important. Together, they give us insight into how we may create fulfilling relationships. Of course, the complete birth chart reveals greater details regarding healing relationships.

Astrological Counseling and Synastry

 In terms of counseling, understanding the evolutionary intention of Venus and Mars in the individual birth charts is essential. It is also essential for a couple to understand the positive expression, motivation, and functioning of each other’s Venus and Mars. This awareness will help them relate to each other with greater sensitivity and possibly strengthen their bond.

Further counseling involves creating a peaceful environment where the couple can reflect upon their Venus and Mars and share their insights, truths, desires, and sensual needs. With empathy and compassion, they can work together to shift, integrate, compromise, and refine the relationship as it evolves. Through this process, each person experiences life-affirming growth that supports their soul evolution and the evolution of the relationship.

Synastry Example: Sigmund Freud’s Uranus conjunct Carl Jung’s Moon

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

The study of synastry involves exploring the energy of the “interaspects” and house transpositions within relationships.

Interaspects are the connections between one person’s planets and the other person’s planets. House transpositions refer to the astrological house one person’s planets are placed within another person’s chart.

There are many connections between psychologists Freud and Jung. To begin to look at the synastry between these two men, I will explore the interaspect between Freud’s Uranus and Jung’s Moon.


Freud and Jung Astrology

Sigmund Freud’s Uranus is in Taurus

Sigmund Freud’s Uranus is in Taurus, inspiring a motivation toward listening to and honoring his natural, instinctual signals. By entering a state of quiet, calm reflection, he can sense the truth within his soul and others.

Carl Jung’s Moon is in Taurus in the 3rd house

Carl Jung’s Moon is in Taurus in the 3rd house. He needs serenity, stability, naturalness, and being in touch with his physical body. The 3rd house placement inspires the integration of his heart with his voice. His soul can speak to him through bodily sensations, instincts, or intuition. Paying attention to perceptions and shaping the messages into a language uniquely his own is essential. Heartfelt expression heals him and others.

Let’s explore the energetic integration of the interaspect.

Freud’s Uranus forms a conjunction with Jung’s Moon, inspiring individuation in Jung and an innate sensation that they could learn from each other or collaborate. Freud’s Uranus could further stimulate Jung to listen to his instincts, embrace authenticity, and challenge conventional views relating to mind/body/soul. Both men may feel a desire to liberate themselves from traditional ideas relating to the natural body and mind in favor of something innovative. This insight may inspire inner peace. As a result, Jung may feel compelled to communicate his newfound insights in a way that is exciting, surprising, and original, ultimately nourishing his soul.

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