Dance Conditioning

Dance Conditioning – BLISS BARRE METHOD

I developed my Dance Conditioning method, Bliss Barre, initially, as a cross training method for professional dancers. However, anyone can perform the exercises and learn to move with the grace and refinement of a dancer.

 The program utilizes my artistic background in Professional Dance and clinical background in Exercise Science. Additionally, I incorporated physical therapy exercises to both treat and prevent injuries. Proper breathing, alignment, safety, technique, and appropriate modifications are emphasized when performing the exercises.

Bliss Barre is a total Dance Conditioning body workout to energize your body and mind. The exercises combine an easy, dance inspired warm-up, classical ballet technique, ballet barre work, functional exercises, core stabilization, strengthening exercises with hand weights, and flexibility exercises. The class will strengthen and lengthen all major muscle groups.

 Key Components of Dance Conditioning-Bliss Barre


The key to safe exercise is proper alignment and execution. As mentioned above, the exercises incorporate dance science in combination with physical therapy and exercise science. We work in a “neutral spine” position that supports healthy alignment and safety of the spine. Once you lose the alignment of the spine, you are setting yourself up for injury.

Additionally, I do not believe exercise needs to be complicated to be effective. The exercises are taught in a beginner friendly format. As students progress in execution and strength, we can advance the exercise to make it more challenging. This approach makes the exercises accessible to all. Beginners can start with the basics, and advanced students can work with more intensity. Everyone is accommodated in a supportive environment.

 Muscle Strengthening and Endurance

The exercises will strengthen and tone your entire body and improve your cardiovascular health. To strengthen a muscle you need to apply a certain amount of “overload.” The key is to avoid too much overload and muscle strain. Therefore, we will add resistance to overload the muscle slowly, over time. As we increase the overload, you will feel a “burn” in the muscle. This burn will not bulk your muscles up. A slow and steady approach to strengthening will sculpt your muscles and tone your body, improve your posture, and help you lose inches. You will replace excess adipose (fat) tissue with lean muscle tissue.

 Flexibility Training

Bliss Barre includes a thorough, total body stretch. Both dynamic and static stretching exercises are performed to improve your range of motion.

 Mind & Body

Mindfulness is a key component to effective exercise. Staying present and tuning into your body will give you the quickest results. When you are fully present and engaged, you will create new neural patterns that lead to positive mental states. In other words, mind/body exercises like dance help stimulate positive vibes! You will feel calm, relaxed, and elevated!