Of the 15 million people in the United States practicing yoga, approximately 72.2% are women and 27.8% are men. With all the benefits yoga has to offer, I would like to encourage men to go out and try a class. There are so many choices available; men are bound to find a class they like. If you are athletic, try power Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga or Ashtanga. If you need to relax, try Restorative Yoga or a meditation class. Most importantly, beyond the physiological benefits of yoga, yoga can help men, fathers, and all of us to become more present and aware of our behavior. Awareness and conscious behavior can help enhance relationships with your children.
Below are five ways by which yoga can boost a man’s physical and psychological well-being:

1. We lose flexibility and muscle mass as we age. Yoga helps keep our muscles and bones healthy, helping us move more efficiently.
2. Yoga lowers stress and improves concentration which aids in work performance
3. The mind/body connection can lead to a greater level of sensitivity. Towards yourself and ultimately permeating into all relationships.
4. Many pro athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL) cross train with yoga because Hatha Yoga enhances athletic performance.
5. Yoga increases awareness of the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence), which in turn creates compassion for all living beings.

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