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I visited a beautiful, new gym this week that offered a wide variety of classes and workout options that I believe would keep the average workout warrior happy. Adding to that, every week there seems to be a new, trendy workout or diet on the market that promises to transform your body if you follow the program. My thought is “what about nutrition and fitness for the mind and soul?”
I am, obviously, all for exercise and nutritious food as a way to promote a happy, healthy body, but a major part of being happy is exercising and feeding your mind and soul with healthy, positive thoughts.

Here are few ideas to exercise and nourish your mind and soul:
• Be aware of your words, whether they are out loud or the silent. Words and thoughts have energy. Do your best to catch yourself if you are being particularly hard or self-critical toward yourself.
• If you do catch yourself engaging in a negative thought pattern, good for you because awareness is the first step to positive change.
• Know that in the present moment you have the power to choose to create a new, positive thought.
• Practice positive self-talk. A good place to start is being grateful for the good things that surround you. Focus on nurturing and encouraging yourself.
• Visualize yourself doing something you love. Perhaps, a physical activity you love or getting together for a healthy dinner with friends. Notice how your body feels when you are engaged in activities and thoughts that feel good.
• Take a minute or two to truly embody the sensations of positive happy thoughts. Know that at any moment in time you can access these moments that bring joy and happiness.
• Practicing this exercise can help shift your awareness to the positive and naturally shift your body and mind into a more relaxed and receptive state. When we are open and receptive, it sets the stage for us to create a life that is full of possibility where miracles can happen.

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