Non Traditional Reiki Techniques

Reiki Techniques from the Raku Kei Reiki

The practice of Reiki has been influenced and adapted over the years with non-traditional techniques that Mikao Usui did not include in his healing method. Many Western Reiki Practitioners may incorporate practices that utilize the chakra system, crystals, and other practices.

Below are a few non-traditional practices. Reiki Master Teachers Iris Ishikuro and Arthur Robertson incorporated these techniques into their Reiki method called Raku Kei Reiki. They have direct lineage to Hawayo Takata. Hawayo Takata is responsible for bringing Reiki to the West. 

During our Reiki Mastership course, we received an article by Arthur Robertson.
“Remember, in the beginning Reiki (Raku Rei) was not taught as any kind of healing modality, but rather a system of spiritual self-improvement. When this higher level of understanding is achieved, and the energies accumulated within the psyche, the healing pathways are opened.” – Arthur Robertson

Arthur & Iris Reiki
Arthur Robertson & Iris Ishikuro

Non-traditional Reiki Techniques

Hui Yin Breath:

  1. Mastership Technique
  2. Engage your perineum or Mula bandha (root lock).
  3. Rest the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth (soft palate) behind your teeth.
  4. Inhale and hold your breath.

Violet Breath:

Certain Reiki traditions perform this technique during the attunement ritual.

  1. Mastership Technique
  2. Begin by visualizing a white mist encompassing your body.
  3. Engage the Hui Yin point.
  4. Place your tongue behind your upper teeth.
  5. In your mind, visualize white light entering your crown chakra, traveling down to your tongue, and continuing down the front of your body. The white light continues to move to the Hui Yin point. It then moves up the spine to the center of your head.
  6. Visualize a white mist filling up your head.
  7. Visualize the white mist becoming blue, gradually becoming indigo blue, and slowly rotating clockwise. As it rotates, it becomes the color violet.
  8. The mist is now the color violet. Within the violet mist, visualize a golden Dumo symbol.
  9. During an attunement ritual, you may blow the breath of the violet mist containing the golden Dumo symbol onto the student’s crown chakra. Visualize the symbol entering the student’s head, while repeating the mantra three times.

Sui Ching: Water Ritual:

Below is an excerpt written by Arthur Robertson that was given to us by our Reiki teacher regarding the Sui Ching Water Ritual.

Certain Reiki traditions perform this technique to prepare for the attunement ritual.

  1. Mastership Technique
  2. Begin by having the students sit in a circle.
  3. The Reiki Master Teacher will then use the 3rd Symbol over cups of water for each student.
  4. The Reiki Master Teacher distributes the cups of water to each student. The students hold their cups of water in front of their solar plexus.
  5. Students will inhale deeply, hold their breath, and close their eyes.
  6. Students will then exhale a blue mist into the water.
  7. When the student finishes with the breath, each student will pass the cup to the person on their right side.
  8. As the students perform the technique, the Reiki Master Teacher will place the left hand on the student’s crown and voice the 2nd Symbol, performing the Hui Yin Breath.
  9. Students will now hold the cup in their left hand and pass it to their right hand. Students will then draw the 1st Symbol over the cup (horizontally). Students then say the O SUI CHING invocation.
  10. Students now will draw the 1st Symbol vertically over the cup.
  11. Students drink the water and are ready for the attunement ritual.

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