Evolutionary Astrology


As we gaze upon the night sky, watch the sunrise and sunset, or contemplate the ocean depths, with certainty, the majesty and the mystery of the cosmos can take our breath away. Yet, we are composed of stardust. Current scientific research has found that the human body consists of ninety-seven percent of the same atoms as our galaxy and shares most elements with the stars.

 Miraculously, we are in connection with this great mystery. The heartbeat and rhythm of life vibrate within us, travels through us, and extends far beyond into the universe. Our vibration, light-body, and soul connect us to the stars and the planets. Learning how these energies interact is revealed through your astrological natal chart.

When you took your first breath, the celestial bodies formed a map in the sky. The sacred art of Evolutionary Astrology will help you work with the mystical symbolism within this map and guide you toward evolution in this lifetime.

Astrology Basics

Astrology’s rich symbolism displayed on your natal chart offers a depth of knowledge and insight into the many facets of life. In simple terms, a natal chart is composed of twelve astrological houses representing theatres of life. Within these houses lie the planets. Each planet symbolizes a particular structure of the mind. Additionally, each planet is motivated by one of the twelve zodiac signs. The zodiac sign determines the needs and strategies that direct that planet. As we dive deeper into the natal chart, the planets form a web of geometrical angles called aspects. The geometry created by the aspects provide significant insights into the human psyche. 

Healing Pathways of Evolutionary Astrology

As a healing tool, Evolutionary Astrology is powerful. The astrological energy patterns provide clear insight into your current life circumstances. Understanding these energetic patterns can help raise your self-awareness, show you how to utilize your gifts to your best advantage, and manifest the life you envision.

Evolutionary Astrology as a Tool for Healing:

  • The foundation of Evolutionary Astrology is the belief in the evolution of the soul. All souls have a unique and special purpose.
  • A professional astrological consultation provides insight into your karma, past lives, ancestry, and areas where your soul can evolve, heal, and grow in this lifetime. It can help highlight optimal mental and emotional patterns and unveil motivations that deplete energy.
  • Evolutionary Astrology does not focus on prediction. It emphasizes freedom. All individuals are in control and free to make their own choices.
  • Evolutionary Astrology raises many intimate and spiritual questions. Your natal chart guides you toward the answers to these questions, your dharma, and your evolutionary aim in life.
  • Evolutionary Astrology offers support in creating a life of visionary thinking, healing, and happiness.

An Evolutionary Astrological consultation offers a holistic view of the human psyche and soul. It integrates all of the astrological symbolism into coherent themes unique to the individual. For example, many people may have their Sun in Aries, their Moon in Gemini, and their Ascendant in Libra. However, these symbols will tell different stories in different astrological charts depending upon the other symbolism within the chart.

The benefit of receiving a personal astrological consultation is that the themes within your chart are specific to you. The energetic patterns present in your natal chart can help you become more discerning and make choices that support your goals and well-being. Furthermore, Evolutionary Astrology can help expand your consciousness. From a spiritual perspective, it provides keys that unlock the door to lessons and challenges, leading to strength, wisdom, and communion with the divine. These keys can broaden your perspective to the many opportunities available to create your best life.

By reflecting upon the astrological energy within your chart, you will discover your sacred mission. As you continue to work with astrological energies, you may experience a series of synchronicities. These seemingly random events appear to illuminate your journey. Most importantly, Evolutionary Astrology can help you interact with the world harmoniously and hear your soul calling. As you listen to the voice of your soul, you will continue to evolve and thrive.

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