Pisces: The Fishes

pisces astrology
pisces astrology
  • Archetype: Dreamer, Poet, Mystic
  • Planetary Ruler: Neptune and Jupiter
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Pisces motivates flow and transcendence. Specifically, this can be expressed as transcendence of the self, leading to a deep sense of unity with others. Pisces embodies immense sensitivity and inspires compassion, imagination, creativity, and spirituality. It motivates the exploration of consciousness and the vast mystery that connects us all. Pisces calls us to withdraw from the daily activities that flood the senses and explore our inner world through meditation. 
  • Pisces energy in motion: You may experience this transcendence through imagination, sacred arts, or creative arts. Many performing artists transcend themselves when they sing, dance, or play an instrument. Painters lose themselves by working on their creative projects. All of these experiences feel as if you are merging with the art. In yogic terms, it is a state of Samadhi or complete absorption. Pisces is the energy within you that dives deep within your soul to learn and grow. Surfing the endless waves of consciousness, unbound by space and time, is pure Pisces. Pisces is the mystic in all of us that seeks to feel one with the Divine Source. It is psychic energy and sacred communion with all. Pisces calls us to love, forgive, release, and bathe in the ocean of divinity. 
  • Shadow: Escapism and Self-deception
  • Body Part Association: Feet, Ankle
  • Crystals and Stones: Coral, Amber
  • Herbs and Foods for Jupiter and Neptune: Tomato, Elderberry, Borage, Dandelion, Sage, Asparagus, Figs, Green Leafy Vegetables, and Endive

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose, Hero Pose Variation

yoga for Pisces
yoga for Pisces

Affirmation: I flow with the currents of life. My consciousness is a vast sea of endless wisdom.

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