Astrological Energy for September

Happy Birthday, Virgo and Libra!

The Sun is in the sign of Virgo. On September 22nd, the autumnal equinox marks the beginning of fall as the Sun enters Libra. On September 3rd, Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries. The polarity created from these planets gives individuals the grace and confidence to express their opinions. However, broadening the mind and understanding different points of view is essential.

Mercury will go retrograde on September 9th and go direct on October 2nd. Anything involving communication, the exchange of information, or technology issues can become disrupted. Individuals may use the retrograde period to reflect upon the past and plan for the future.

With Saturn in Aquarius squaring both Uranus in Taurus and the nodal axis, individuals may reflect upon integrating traditional views with unconventional ideas. To ease tension, clarify personal value systems, reflect upon thoughts regarding body autonomy, and strive to live in greater harmony with nature. As a collective, karmic lessons regarding these themes may arise.

Virgo Season

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury. It supports a healthy lifestyle, attention to detail, and humility. Virgo inspires radical self-acceptance and finding work that resonates with the soul.

Virgo calls individuals to honestly evaluate the reality of any situation and strive to create the ideal. Virgo purifies and, with great precision, performs the work to achieve improvement. To that end, Virgo seeks perfection, which drives a desire to grow, evolve, and change. However, perfection is not the goal. Virgo engages in self-analysis to achieve a personal best. Let acceptance of the present moment and self-love guide the process of evolution.

Beyond self-improvement, Virgo inspires mastering meaningful and helpful skills. In turn, these skills will lead to fulfilling work that serves others. Service ignites soul evolution and is an evolutionary aim for Virgo.

To activate Virgo energy, study with experienced teachers, polish skills, get certified, and share wisdom teachings. Prioritize daily wellness routines. Offer the gift of a soulful service to the world.

Full Moon in Pisces

On September 10th, a Full Moon occurs at 17 degrees and 41 minutes in the water sign Pisces at 5:59 a.m., EDT. Pisces inspirestranscendence, imagination, compassion, spirituality, and the exploration of consciousness. 

During this Full Moon, the Moon sextiles the North Node in Taurus and trines the South Node in Scorpio, which supports healing karma and soul evolution. Meditation will enhance psychic sensitivity and intuitive insight. Breathwork and yoga will ground the body. On each Full Moon, let go of the past and practice forgiveness and gratitude.

New Moon in Libra

On September 25th, a New Moon occurs at 2 degrees and 48 minutes in the air sign Libra at 5:54 p.m., EDT. Libra inspires serenity, balance, and the ability to maintain equilibrium. Loving relationships, arts, and aesthetic beauty are core values.

During this New Moon, Mercury in Virgo is conjunct Venus in Virgo. This energy inspires beautiful language skills and artistic expression. It is an excellent time to set New Moon intentions toward the cultivation of loving relationships and creative pursuits.

Alexa Lane: Alexa Lane is a best-selling Author, Evolutionary Astrologer, and Reiki Master. Readers can personalize these themes by finding the signs and points on their Astrological natal charts. For more details on Full & New Moon Manifestation, download a free guide at Connect at or visit

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