Taurus – The Bull

taurus astrology
taurus astrology

  • Archetype: The Earth Spirit, The Silent One, The Musician
  • Planetary Ruler: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Taurus energy is earthy, rooted in nature, and practical. It calls you to listen to your instinctual signals and tune into your body. Taurus seeks peace, love, silence, simplicity, serenity, and comfort. Taurus motivates creating a comfortable, safe home with resources (money) that support your needs. These needs and motivations will put you in touch with your core values.
  • Taurus energy in motion: Taurus is associated with the body and is highly sensual. Taurus energy calls us to pay attention to our animal nature. Eating when you are hungry and sleeping when you are tired are Taurus motivations. You may activate this energy by being present in your body while engaging in physical activities, body/mind practices, massage, or any body-based experience. Taurus energy also loves to lose itself in music. Quietly listening to music or playing a musical instrument engages this energy. Taurus has an innate connection to nature and animals. Going on a hike, spending time in quiet reflection on the beach, or taking care of animals engages this energy. You may feel this energy in motion as you slowly and peacefully walk outdoors. Pay attention to how the sun feels on your skin and the fresh air coming into your body. Let everything in nature become a sensual feast. Taurus energy invites us to calm down, become silent, and relax.
  • Shadow: Rigidity, Stubbornness, Inability to express yourself, and Materialism
  • Crystals and Stones:  Emerald, Carnelian
  • Yoga Pose: Lotus Pose Variation
lotus pose variation

Affirmation: I am home in my body. In am one with silence. My natural instincts guide my path. I am grounded in nature.

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