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How are planets, houses, and signs different from each other? 


There are twelve signs of the Zodiac. Signs represent psychological motivations or our identity and processes within the mind. They can express our sense of self that determines who we are, “why” we are psychologically/spiritually driven or motivated toward specific intentions, and “how” we may accomplish the needs of the self. Each sign offers growth opportunities to evolve and help the individual achieve their soul’s purpose. All signs are thirty degrees.


There are twelve houses. They represent what the mind observes. They symbolize something outside of the personality that the individual needs to bring into awareness. They are the various theaters of life or “where” life is happening, such as relationships, daily work, creativity, and career.

Each house offers a domain of experiences to the individual. These experiences may expose or raise awareness to aspects of the self that need attention. Within the astrological houses, the individual can develop a deeper understanding of themselves. One can learn how to navigate their role in life for optimal happiness.

Unlike signs, the width of the houses varies based on the house system.


The planets reflect the map of the human psyche. They represent the structure of the mind and “what” specific part and “what” specific function of the mind. For example, one of Jupiter’s functions is maintaining faith. One of Mercury’s functions is the transmission of information.

How are they similar?

The signs, houses, and planets are similar in that they are aspects of the mind. They interlock and work together to help create integration and an ideal form of personality. As a whole unit, they help to evolve the consciousness of the individual. Each system of symbols plays a part in shaping the mind, personality, and ultimately our destiny. They work together. Signs shape and motivate the function of a planet, leading to the planet-sign combination expressing itself in a house.

Additionally, the twelve signs correlate with the twelve houses. For example, the first house is associated with the sign of Aries. One way to better understand how the planets operate, is to view them in the context of a sign and a house. The synergistic combination will reveal the most effective path for happiness and healing for the individual. Holistically, signs, planets, and houses direct our soul’s calling in this lifetime, provide insight into past karma, and connects us to the cosmos.

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