As a dancer, I’ve always been aware of the magic of music and how moving to different rhythms can transport my body and mind to an altered state of being. This is one of the many reasons that I gravitated toward the hatha yoga style “vinyasa.” There are different interpretations of the meaning of the word vinyasa, but two popular definitions are “to place in a special way” or “breathing movement system.” In essence, just like a precisely choreographed dance, vinyasa sequences take the yoga practitioner through a series of yoga postures (asanas) designed to create balance in the body and link the movement to the breath. By uniting the rhythm and flow of the breath with the movement the yoga practitioner opens up and taps into a deeper flow of consciousness. I find this to be true. My own vinyasa practice not only helps my body, but it becomes a movement meditation. The practice helps me release any stresses that may have occurred in my body and transports my mind to the present moment. Vinyasa, like any hatha yoga class, is great to practice before you sit to meditate. It helps clear the mind and free the body.

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