The Sun

sun astrology


  • The formation of a healthy Ego
  • Identity
    • Core Values
    • Maintenance of vitality
    • Sanity
    • Confidence

    The Sun is a star. It is called a “luminary or light.” 

    The Sun represents your sense of identity, conscious awareness, the creation of ego, and the core motivations that maintain vitality. It is the life-affirming energy that shapes your life toward positive action. In essence, it is the gravitational center of your personality. 

    The Sun focuses, organizes, and embodies all of the functions that exist within you. This process informs the choices you make and compels you to take action. 

    The Sun gives your life purpose and ignites your soul evolution.

    • Lower Vibrations: Selfishness, Insensitivity, Tyranny, and Arrogance
    sun astrology

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