Scorpio: The Scorpion

scorpio astrology
scorpio astrology 2
  • Archetype: Shaman, Hypnotist, Detective, Truth Teller
  • Planetary Co-Rulers: Pluto and Mars
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Scorpio represents a sustained emotional intensity. It possesses a probing quality and an air of hidden power. There is a deep interest in what lies below the surface of the conscious mind. In light of these motivations, Scorpio desires to uncover the unconscious. With honesty and psychoanalytic instincts, Scorpio motivates us to face our truths. Specifically, exploring all that is considered taboo, including sexuality, death, the occult, and psychological wounds. 
  • Scorpio energy in motion: An evolutionary aim of Scorpio is to live in the present moment unencumbered by the past or the future. You may work with this energy by honoring your emotions and engaging in healing therapies that confront, heal, and release old wounds and stories that reduce your energy. When you are honest with your feelings, the path to happiness becomes clear. To further explore the human psyche, Scorpio inspires intense communion with others. The energy motivates holding nothing back and asks you to stand naked in your truth and look deeply into the eyes of another person. You may experience Scorpio energy when you have an intimate conversation with a friend or family member. Within sensual relationships, Scorpio expresses itself through commitment, emotional bonds, trust, and love. It cultivates sacred sexual healing. In essence, Scorpio dives deep into the waters of the soma, psyche, and soul and emerges with wisdom and power.
  • Shadow: Self-absorption and moodiness
  • Body Part Association: Genitals, Bladder
  • Crystals and Stones: Agate, Malachite
  • Herbs and Foods For Mars/Pluto: Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Peppers, Aloe Vera, and Leeks

Yoga Pose: Chair Pose

yoga for scorpio

Affirmation: I explore the depths of my psyche fearlessly. I live my truth.

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