Cancer: The Crab

cancer astrology
cancer astrology
  • Archetype: Healer, Caregiver, The Mother
  • Planetary Ruler: The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Cancer has a nurturing and sensitive quality. This energy resonates with home, protection, mothering, and family. Cancer has a rich emotional life and immense sensitivity. Healing and feeling are essential for evolution. Cancer strives to explore the depths of the psyche. It allows our emotions to surface and guide us rather than rely on the intellect alone. Cancer experiences the inner world as a rich resource for creativity. Due to the sensitive nature of deep psychological work, Cancer needs a safe, loving, and secure home for retreat and recovery.
  • Cancer energy in motion:  Cancer is associated with the summer solstice. You may activate Cancer energy whenever you practice self-care or care for others. Preparing a meal at home and sharing the meal with close friends also embodies this energy. Cancer energy is about food for the soul as well. You may feel this energy arise when you desire to deepen your connection to those you love and trust. This energy calls us to create a soul family with deep emotional bonds. It inspires intimate unions between people where it is safe to share sacred secrets. A bond where all that we are is honored. The key is to discern and carefully choose the people you let into your life. Cancer energy has heightened sensitivity, and, therefore, there is a need for self-preservation. However, evolutionary growth happens when you feel safe enough to let go of the shell of protection and open up to loving relationships and experiences. 
  • Shadow: Obsession with safety, Making yourself invisible, subordinating yourself to the point that you become invisible
  • Body Part Association: Breasts, Stomach
  • Crystals and Stones: Pearl, Moonstone
  • Herbs and Foods for the Moon: Chickweed, Clary Sage, Cleavers, Cabbages, Cucumber, Lettuce, and Melons

Yoga Pose: Boat Pose

yoga for cancer astrology

Affirmation: I explore my inner world and listen to the guidance. I nurture and care for my soul.

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