Evolutionary Astrology and the Lunar Nodes

What is the Ecliptic and the Zodiac?

Briefly, the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is called the ecliptic. You may visualize the ecliptic as a flat circular plane. Extended out from the ecliptic is an imaginary celestial sphere that encompasses Earth at its center. Connecting to the ecliptic is a starry backdrop or band of constellations surrounding the paths of the Sun, Moon, and planets called the Zodiac.

What are the North and South Lunar Nodes?

The Moon orbits the Earth on a separate circular plane. However, the plane of the Moon’s orbit inclines approximately five degrees. Therefore, the orbits of the Earth and the Moon do not lie evenly to each other. The North Lunar Node is the point where the plane of the Moon’s orbit rises above the ecliptic. The South Lunar Node is the point where the plane of the Moon’s orbit is below the ecliptic.

The Lunar Nodes represent energetic points that oppose each other. They refer to our ancestral ties, past lives, karma, and evolutionary future.

The South Node represents where we came from, circumstances left unfinished, karma, what worked and what did not, and our wounds. It may reveal familiar scenarios or things we learned from our family of origin.

The North Node is where we rise and, possibly, heal. It is utterly foreign to us and provides keys to the evolution of the soul in this lifetime. By exploring the symbolism of the North Node, the individual can progress on their path and heal past challenges. The North Node opens the door to higher possibilities and represents novel ideas and unexplored territory.

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