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The chakras are wheel-like, spiraling energy centers of the subtle body. The seven major chakras are aligned along the spine. They connect the body and mind to higher awareness and are physically associated with various plexuses of the body and the endocrine system.

The Seven Chakras of Reiki

Chakra One

  • Muladhara- Root center
  • Color- Red
  • Element- Earth
  • Location- coccygeal/pelvic plexus at the base of the spine, lower back, and the perineum
  • Chakra one relates to self-preservation, survival, grounding, and the action of elimination. It stores the Kundalini.

Chakra Two

  • Svadhisthana- One’s own abode
  • Color- Orange
  • Element- Water
  • Location- hypogastric/sacral plexus of the lower abdomen, genitals, ovaries, testes
  • Chakra two relates to your emotions, self-esteem, sexuality, feelings, and pleasure. It rules fertility, reproduction, and creativity.

Chakra Three

  • Manipura- Lustrous gem city
  • Color- Yellow
  • Element- Fire
  • Location- Navel, abdominal region, the solar plexus, pancreas and adrenals
  • Chakra three relates to your will, ambition, personal power, self-esteem and it rules the action of digestion.

Chakra Four

  • Anahata- Unstruck
  • Color- Green
  • Element- Air
  • Location- Heart, the cardiac plexus, and thymus gland
  • Chakra four is associated with love, gratitude, forgiveness, and your relationship to others and yourself. It rules circulation and respiration.

Chakra Five

  • Vishuddha- Purification
  • Color- Bright blue
  • Element- Ether
  • Location- Throat, pharyngeal plexus, thyroid, and parathyroid.
  • Chakra five relates to your creativity, self-expression, communication, and speech.

Chakra Six

  • Ajna- To know, perceive or command
  • Color- Indigo
  • Element- This chakra is beyond physical elements
  • Location- Center of the head in the space between the brows and the pineal gland
  • Chakra six relates to perception, intuition, and imagination.

Chakra Seven

  • Sahasrara- Thousand Petaled Lotus
  • Color- Violet
  • Element- This chakra is beyond physical elements
  • Location- The cerebral cortex, crown of the head, and pituitary gland.
  • Chakra seven deepens our connection to our higher self and higher frequencies of consciousness.

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