Side Plank for Scoliosis

According to a recent study published in “Global Advances in Health and Medicine” practicing the Side Plank Pose can reduce scoliotic spinal curvature. The study states that participants who held the pose for 1.5 minutes per day, 6 days per week, for approximately six to eight months significantly improved their scoliotic curve by 32%.


Practice Side Plank Pose/Vasisthasana:

  1. Begin in Plank
  2. Transfer your body weight to your left arm and left foot
  3. Rotate your body open to the right until your hips and shoulders are square
  4. Raise your right arm up and place your right foot on top of your left
  5. Modify by dropping your left knee to the floor
  6. Contract the abdominals, arms, and legs

Link to study:

One Comment on “Side Plank for Scoliosis”

  1. shocked to read this today
    thanks so much.
    appreciate that
    I do so many exercises, so busy, and stressed good to now know this exercise is a keeper!
    I have the worst curve ever like no one else! can’t even find close to fit ….still blessed though!

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