Self Taping and Reels

We offer high quality audition tapes, self taping, slate shots, acting reels, and voiceovers for both acting and corporate use. As professional actors, we are aware of industry standards and will make sure your talent shines and the end product is competitive. With increased competition over theatre, film and television roles is more than important than ever to present a professional audition tape. While home taping is convenient and less expensive, a professional grade self tape gives the impression of a committed, serious actor. 

For Acting Auditions

Self taping has become common for auditions. Casting professionals make their decisions very quickly, so it’s important that you can be seen, heard, and present a clean and professional audition tape. We make it an easy process and provide you with a professional and attractive finished product as quick as you need it!

Session includes:

  • Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper
  • Professional actor available to read with you
  • Professional lighting
  • Professional grade audio that we sync with the video footage.
  • Professional Makeup application (optional/additional fee)
  • Slate Shots
  • Scenes are delivered via DropBox link

All footage is edited through Adobe Premiere and we are happy to add basic titles and fades as desired. We also have access to shotgun microphones and additional audio work if needed for musical theatre, voiceovers, or song demos. If needed we can provide backing tracks as well as in studio accompaniment. 


Self Taping:

  • $45 for 30 minutes
  • $60 for 60 minutes

Slate Shots:

  • $30 for 3 looks – 30 minutes
  • $50 for 4+ looks – 60 minutes


  • DSLR Video – 2 Nikon D7100s
  • Rode Videomic Pro
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun
  • LED lighting w/ soft boxes
    • Genaray SpectroLED (2)
    • Dracast LED S Series
  • Davis & Sanford Tripod
  • Manfrotto, Impact, and K&M Stands
  • Zoom H4n recorder
  • Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop

Here is an article from on the importance of self taping