Self Taping & Audition

Self Taping, Video, and Auditions in Connecticut :

We offer high quality self taping, video, audition clips, slate shots, and acting reels. As professional actors, we are aware of industry standards and will make sure your talent shines and the end product is competitive.

Self taping has become common for auditions. Casting professionals make their decisions very quickly, so it’s important that you can be seen, heard, and present a clean and professional audition tape. We make it an easy process and provide you with a professional and attractive finished product as quickly as you need it!

Our goal is to create a calm and welcoming environment to put you at ease during your self tape so that you can be creative and relaxed. We never rush the process and we don’t schedule back to back sessions, so it’s no issue if you want to spend more time. We want you to present yourself in the best way possible.

Self Taping & Audition Session includes:

  • Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper
  • Professional actor available to read with you at no charge
  • Professional lighting
  • Professional grade shotgun mic audio.
  • Professional Makeup application (optional/additional fee)
  • Slate Shots if desired

Self Taping & Audition Equipment:

  • DSLR Video – 2 Nikon D7100s
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun
  • LED lighting w/ soft boxes
    • Genaray SpectroLED (2)
    • Dracast LED S Series
  • Davis & Sanford Tripod
  • Manfrotto, Impact, and K&M Stands
  • Zoom H4n recorder
  • Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop

We can provide additional audio work for musical theatre, voiceovers, or song demos. If needed, we can provide backing tracks as well as in studio accompaniment. 

Self Tape Delivery:
Scenes can be delivered via client provided USB storage or DropBox link. See options below.

Unedited footage – These scenes go directly from our video system to your USB portable storage drive. We can also upload to our Dropbox account and email you a link that you can download from or forward to others as needed.

Edited Footage includes cleaning and optimizing the main audio/video tracks plus adding fade ins/outs and any titles as needed. Standard delivery for edited footage is no later than 90 minutes after session has ended. Delivery is done via us sending you a link to the finished file(s) in our Dropbox account.
We maintain the files in Dropbox for two weeks unless you require a longer duration.

Self Taping Pricing:
The minimum rate charged is for 30 minutes. Sessions that fall in between the time slots listed below are charged at $1/minute (Unedited), $1.5/minute (Edited)

  • Unedited Rate – $1/minute
    • 30 minutes – $30
    • 45 minutes – $45
    • 60 minutes – $60
    • We charge for the time to perform/record your scenes, to watch the footage if desired, and to provide/upload the files to you.
  • Edited Rate – $1.5 per minute
    • 30 minutes – $45
    • 45 minutes – $67.50
    • 60 minutes – $90
    • We charge for the time to perform/record your scenes and watch your footage back to select the takes we will be editing. You do not need to factor in time for us to edit your tape – that’s included in the rate.
  • Slate Shots Only:
    • $30 for 3 looks – 30 minutes

We accept cash, credit cards, Paypal, and Venmo. Purchases are subject to a 6.35% CT sales tax.

Self Taping Hours: (Currently expected to re-open Sept 1 with Covid-19 protocols in place)

Monday through Thursday
2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

11:00 pm – 7:00 pm

12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

✦ Other times may be possible – please inquire. Sundays we are usually closed but do ask about availability. (Sunday sessions add $20)
✦ Please email us at or call/text 203-988-4190.
✦ If you require a short notice appointment (within 12-24 hours) rather than email please call or text Alexa at 203-988-4190 to check availability. If you don’t hear back within 10 minutes feel free to call or text Andrew at 203-326-0928.

Studio Address & Parking:

Address – 56 Strawberry Hill Ave, Norwalk, CT 06855
Parking – Please park on opposite side of street, parallel to curb, walk across street and up steps to front door. Thanks!

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“I’ve booked two great film roles taping my auditions with Alexa & Andrew.”
Conor Timmis Actor/Filmmaker (First Signal, Finnigan’s War)

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexa and Andrew for both self-taping and headshots. They are professional and encouraging, while allowing the actor to participate in the process by showing the tape and photos as they go along. Alexa is easygoing and insightful and Andrew’s superb attention to detail and quick turnaround time is a gift to any actor

Liz H.
Compilation of our Self Tapings and Acting Bits