Alexa Lane, A.A., RMT, ERYT Yoga Alliance and Andrew Lane, B.A., CPA, RMT, ERYT Yoga Alliance have been teaching healing arts, reiki, and yoga for over 30 years. They are Master Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga educators. Together they have owned several successful yoga studios, led instructor training programs, and have taught thousands of students. Their mission is to help elevate human consciousness, so that all will know love, peace, and abundance.

They believe this begins by recognizing the divinity within all of us. We are one. By honoring the energy of the divine feminine and sacred masculine within ourselves, we balance our body, mind, and spirit. Through the process of balance and integration, we are able to connect to our higher self. When we are operating at a level of higher consciousness, we uplift those around us.

Their instructor training programs are designed to inspire leaders who want to serve on the path of raising the consciousness of humanity. All programs are focused on the leading research in western science combined with ancient wisdom.