Holistic Counseling

Set your soul in motion and manifest the life you envision. I will help you implement positive change. My approach is holistic and integrates the body, mind, and soul. Once all of your actions support your well-being, you will feel empowered. Your life flows.

In my practice, I use a variety of healing modalities such as spiritual psychology, Reiki, meditation, and visualization. By engaging in these methods, you will gain clarity and insight into your current life patterns. In turn, you will release energy that may be impeding the flow of positive growth. I will help you uncover a life path that speaks deeply to your calling in life and develop a practical plan to bring your dreams to fruition. With this newfound knowledge, you will have the energy and inspiration to pursue new ventures, cultivate loving relationships, and establish serenity and ease. Additionally, I will prescribe healing exercises to practice at your convenience.

Health and Wellness Counseling

The key to a healthy body and mind begins with self-love. To begin your healing journey, I will teach you meditation and stress reduction techniques that help overcome the habits that may be sabotaging your health. To increase energy flow in your body, I will prescribe a safe, effective, and easy exercise routine. These exercises will help you strengthen your musculature and increase fluidity. We will include movement that you love, dance, yoga, running, weight training, or walking. We will also discuss your nutritional needs and the foods you love to eat. I will share information regarding plant-based, nutrient-dense foods and herbs that can support your health.

Learn more about Plant based diets here.

Counseling Session includes:

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Wellness and Energy Healing
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Love and Relationships
  • Prosperity
  • Yoga
  • Health & Wellness

Holistic Counseling Sessions:

  • You may use the contact form to schedule an appointment, email alexa@alexalane.com or Call/Text 203-988-4190
  • Single Session (60 Minutes) – $100