Dance Coaching

Dance Coaching

A dancer’s life is both physically and mentally demanding. Therefore, keeping the body healthy and fit and the mind calm and focused is an essential part of dance classes, coaching, and training. My dance coaching program incorporates strength training and flexibility exercises specifically designed to support classical dance training. Private coaching programs are individually designed to help dancers solve issues such as increasing their range of motion safely, strengthen muscular to improve power and dynamics, and increase core stability. Mindfulness and meditation techniques are included to soothe nervous energy and relieve performance anxiety.

Dance Performance

Dancers tell stories with their movement. To add emotional depth to a dance performance, I work on acting technique, character development, and emotional execution of each movement phrase.

Dance Coaching Programs include:

  • Professional assessment of strength, flexibility, and dance technique
  • Specific fitness prescription designed to address the dancer’s needs
  • Exercises to decrease risk of injury
  • Exercises to increase control and core stability
  • Exercises to safely increase range of motion
  • Exercises to strengthen musculature to improve power and dynamics
  • Relaxation techniques to relieve performance anxiety
  • Education on how to recruit proper musculature engagement


  • ½ Hour $45
  • 1 Hour – $90

Dance Choreography:

Professional dance choreography for weddings, special events, and fashion shows is available at the rates below.

  • One Minute Routine – $100
  • Two-Three Minute Routine – $250
  • Event Choreography – $350 and up
  • Teaching Choreography – $100 per hour

Children’s Dance Classes:

We offer several children’s group dance classes for ages 4 and up at our Performing Arts Studio. Styles taught include ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre and tap.

Dance Competitions and Judging: I have helped many dancer’s improve their competition routines with a targeted program to improve technique and performance quality. I have also worked as a judge. I would love to help you put your best work on the stage!