Creativity coaching

Creativity Coaching covers three tiers:
  1. Life Purpose
  2. Love and Relationships
  3. Health and Wellness

In Creativity Coaching, I utilize a holistic approach to increase creativity, and heal the body, mind, and spirit. I believe we need to balance all areas of our life to be healthy and happy. Truly, everything we do has an impact on supporting or diminishing our well-being. When our relationships, lifestyle choices, mindset, and work environment all support our growth in a positive direction, we can create a life that is meaningful and rewarding.

creativity coaching

Learn The Skills To Transform your mind and body

Scientific research provides evidence that you can rewire your brain to a new level of consciousness and joy. In basic terms, neural pathways can grow or atrophy. The ones you use the most grow, while the regions of the brain you use less shrink. Learning to increase a continuous state of positivity, increases neural circuits that elevate your mood and lower your stress. This process trains your mind to live in the present moment of joy and possibility. At the same time, it deactivates the stress response and activates the relaxation response. In essence, we can help the mind and the body heal by focusing on thoughts, emotions, and images of love. Love is the path to peace.

As we begin the process of awakening to love, we open our hearts and minds to unity, forgiveness of ourselves and others, and we release judgement. We do that through awareness and compassion, and by living in the divinity of the present moment. Awareness of the present, reveals how we have been caught up in the matrix of our own stories. Once you awaken, you let go of these patterns to a greater level of consciousness. By consistently increasing your attention on what you want, it frees you from focusing on ruminative loops that lead to dysregulation.

Learning these techniques will help you live your life to the fullest.

What happens during a Creativity Coaching session?

During a session, we will sit down together (or via phone/virtual), relax, and come up with a strategy to get you on your way to creating the life you envision.

I will work with various coaching strategies and tools such as spiritual psychology, reiki, meditation, and visualization. My approach is to help guide my clients utilizing these healing modalities, so they can understand their current life patterns and gain clarity and insight into the aspects of their lives that they are questioning. Through inquiry and deep exploration clients will discover how to manifest new ventures, navigate personal relationships, and learn to bring more love, health, happiness, and peace into their lives while releasing energy that may be blocking the flow of positivity.

Clients will receive guidance to help answer the questions regarding “what is my life purpose” or “am I on the right path.”  I will help you take a deeper look into the energy patterns that are trending in your life and help you to uncover the answers to your questions. We will look at a life path that speaks deeply to your calling in life. I will give you simple, healing exercises to practice on your own that will help you manifest your goals and a practical plan to bring your dreams to fruition. These exercises and affirmations will help you assimilate all aspects of your life, so that you can grow spiritually.

Life Purpose

Do you feel lost or unfulfilled in your current career?

Throughout life many of us find ourselves outgrowing our current career or going back to work after raising our children. This can often present confusion or fear as to how to start something new.

To decipher your next step, you may start by answering two questions.

“What am I passionate about?”

“What brings joy and meaning into my life?”

The answers to these questions will provide the foundation for your new career and life purpose. From that point, we will decide the path you want to focus on in your professional life and design a career action plan that supports abundance.

Program Specifics:

Career and Purpose:

  • Exercises to increase creativity
  • Exercises to release creative blocks
  • Support with taking action toward new career
  • Confidence building techniques
  • Public Speaking
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Discovering and Designing a meaningful life

Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Support:

  • Meditation
  • Emotional intelligence and well-being
  • Stress reduction exercises
  • Mindfulness training
  • Healing from trauma
  • Tools to eliminate negative self-talk
  • You will also learn simple meditation and mindfulness techniques that will strengthen the coherence of your heart and brain.
  • Chakra balancing
  • Reiki Healing
Love and Relationships

In order to create loving, compassionate, and supportive relationships, we must first cultivate love for ourselves. This process involves letting go of unsupportive habits and thought patterns that sabotage our growth.

Letting go of philosophies that don’t serve you or ancestral ties that do not resonate with you helps to heal past trauma. When you choose to let go of the past, you call back pieces of your psyche that have been stuck and bring new energy into your life. You can live your life the way you see it and ignite the power within you to create the life you envision.

Program Specifics:

  • Developing a loving relationship with yourself and others
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • Developing Sacred Relationships and honoring the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within you
  • Integration and Alignment
  • Choosing Love over Fear
Health and Wellness

I truly believe the success to any weight loss program is purely a product of a positive mental state. Specifically, I believe the key to a healthy body is self-love combined with proper nutrition and safe exercise. Loving yourself is essential to sustain weight loss. Diet and exercise alone may work initially, but many people fall back into old routines due to the lack of a shift in their mental state.

My approach will help you see the underlying habits that are sabotaging your health and your ability to lose weight. You will learn meditation and stress reduction techniques that will help you overcome stressed based overindulgence.

In time, the emotional triggers that inspired poor food choices will release their hold on you. You will feel calm and free, emancipated from the exhausting cycle of thinking about food all the time.

Program Specifics:

Fitness Routine:

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

I will prescribe a safe, effective, and easy to follow exercise routine that will help you manage and possibly overcome chronic pain. In my clinical practice, I have helped hundreds of people eliminate pain. They key is to treat the whole body, not just the injured area. Simple, safe, and effective is my commitment to you.

We will include movement that you love, dance, yoga, barre, running, weight training, or walking! Love is the key word!

Food as Medicine:

Have tried you tried every diet and spent hundreds of dollars on programs and nothing seems to work?

I will teach you how to eat to live happily and how to lose weight safely. My approach is to teach you about the basic building blocks of nutrition, so you can finally be free of diets!

Once you learn how to build a delicious and nutritious healthy meal, you will never need to be a slave to food obsession.

We will discuss the foods that you love to eat and, if needed, find healthier ways to enjoy that food. That usually means a healthier way to prepare the food and trading less nutritious ingredients for nutrient dense ingredients.

Plant based meals are the stars in my weight loss program. Plant based meals have all the nutrients you need without the excess fat. I will teach you how to create delicious and satisfying plant based meals that will make weight loss easy!

Learn more about Plant based diets here.

  • Behavior change strategies
  • Being at Peace in your Body
  • Discovering creative outlets that put an end to boredom
  • Help with overcoming unhealthy cravings
  • Affirmations and Meditation
  • Mindfulness of Food
  • Weight Loss
Rates: Creativity Coaching:
  • Single Session (60 Minutes) – $125
  • Three session package – $300
  • Please use contact form to schedule an appointment
  • I look forward to working with you!
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