Contemporary Voice Lessons

Contemporary Voice Lessons

It is important to have multiple performance skills in today’s competitive market. For our contemporary voice lessons and training we use a scientific, contemporary approach which is the standard used by major Pop and Broadway recording stars.

  • Learn how to sing with consistent pitch and power. We get you singing safely and quickly.
  • Develop your “mix” sound which is where most great songs are sung.
  • Learn how to effortlessly transition from chest voice to mix to head voice.
  • Develop your “belt” sound which is especially important if you love musical theater.
  • Extend your singing range and control dynamics (soft and strong vocals).
  • We can help you change the tone or timbre or simply expand your tonal and singing possibilities
  • We can also help fix your voice if you are a current singer.
  • Here are a few of the issues we can address: straining, throat soreness, yelling, too breathy, inadequate breath, flipping into falsetto, too bright or too dark sounding, low confidence

Our vocal technique is for the contemporary pop or musical theater singer. We’ve been teaching our approach to contemporary voice training for over seven years. We currently work together as a teaching duo where we address both the technical aspects of singing along with essential performance elements. Andrew has trained extensively with top Los Angeles Vocal Coach ( and has a certificate in vocal pedagogy from Boston Conservatory. Alexa is also trained in this method and has a long career as a dancer, singer, and actress in musical theatre, pop music, and film & television productions (

Our contemporary voice lessons utilize the most current research in voice science and allows us to quickly diagnose and offer advice to help improve student’s singing and speaking voice.  Beginning singers are able to establish a strong foundation in as little as ten lessons. We remove the mystery behind singing and introduce solid methods and techniques and the reasons behind them. Experienced singers have found fast improvements with more power, greater range, improved mix voice, safer belt voice, and stronger head voice. With the added benefit of performance coaching we can get students ready for auditions, submissions, recitals, as well as professional performances.


What are the key elements in learning to sing?

Basically there are three areas that we work on to create a strong, balanced singing voice. This includes breath support, vocal fold/cord closure, and the resonant spaces (throat and mouth). We offer specific exercises for students to first become aware of these three elements and then secondly, to begin to exercise and integrate them into the singing process.

Can everybody learn to sing?

Yes, absolutely! We are all born with a certain vocal tone based on our vocal cord structure and size and shape of our throat & mouth. By learning proper technique everyone can produce a clear, even tone that is pleasing to listen to. Many people don’t realize that singing requires a learned technique and that much of what is going on is internal (vs. say learning a musical instrument or dancing). In the past voice lessons have included a lot of abstract “visualization” and “sensation” language. We have replaced that with concrete anatomical and voice science based directions to create positive and permanent results.

There are three major elements to singing; Breath Control, vocal fold (larynx) closure, and positioning and size to your resonators. The process of breathing to support singing is different than most people realize. It can be learned quickly and can create a dramatic improvement to one’s vocal quality and resonance. Vocal cord control is more subtle but essential in ensuring that we produce a sound that is neither strained nor too “breathy”. Manipulating our resonators ( ie mouth) through vowel adjustments when singing is something many students are not taught. This is a cutting edge concept and allows singers to navigate through challenging song sections with ease.

Team voice teaching is pretty unique approach. How does that work?

In our contemporary voice lessons we do a quick voice assessment and give immediate feedback as far as what is going on with the breathing, cord (vocal fold) control, and resonators ( throat, mouth). Most students experience a significant positive shift in singing in the first hour lesson. This is due to the scientific approach and the system that we teach.

Once we are able to have the student work the technique so it’s more of an automatic process we can then work on performance dynamics, emotional content, and stage presence as desired. We follow a holistic approach to singing that deals with the physical mechanics into the emotional and energetic experiences that naturally follow.

What are some of your recent success stories?

We’ve recently worked with a very shy high school student who deeply wanted to sing. Our work together resulted in increased confidence and a strong balanced voice. He was able to secure a major part in his school’s production of Rent. We also had a young girl who had done a theatre camp locally and wanted to improve her voice. She had difficulty in finding the pitch of songs which is very common for younger singers. We worked some techniques that had her singing in tune and with power in a very short time. She is planning on auditioning in the Fall for her school musical. Lastly we worked with an adult Youtube star with a record deal who needed an entire stage routine. We worked with her on tone, endurance, and stage presence.


  • Single Voice Lesson – $70 – 1 Hour
  • We highly recommend an initial 5 or 10 lesson pack – 5% discount available
  • We look forward to working with you! Please contact us so we can start on the path to fun, effortless, and powerful singing.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Our voice and recording studio is located at 56 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Norwalk CT, Fairfield County CT.

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