Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

yoga and meditation

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation The practice of yoga and meditation has many benefits. In simple terms, yoga practice aims to elevate the body, mind, and spirit. It’s an inte­grative practice that is rooted in physical health, mental clarity, unconditional love, and happiness. Yoga…

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Yoga Practice Essentials

yoga practice essentials

Child Evolve

Child Evolve Yoga


Without Mindfulness:   Stimulus  >  Reaction With Mindfulness:         Stimulus  >  Mindfulness  >  Response Mindfulness training helps children engage in the present moment. It teaches kids to create the space to breathe, relax, and be with whatever emotion is present so that…

What is mindfulness?

yoga and meditation

“Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” –  Jon Kabat-Zinn You may define mindfulness simply as: paying attention to what is happening now. A few key principles include concentration, mindfulness of the body and senses,…


I’m sure you all have seen this mudra (hand gesture) in multiple pictures of people meditating. Some of you may ask: what does this symbol mean and why try it? A mudra can mean a gesture, attitude, seal or lock. They are used as…

Connecting to Creative Passion

We all know how good it feels when we are in the flow of creative pursuits. It feels euphoric and takes us to a place closest to our spiritual source. Time and space do not exist. However, what happens when stress comes up in…

Easy Ways to Start a Meditation Practice

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It is ideal to practice in a clean, clutter-free and quiet room. It also helps to have the room dimly lit. Sit in a comfortable seated position with your spine held erect. If you choose to sit on the floor using a cushion or…

Organic Spring Perfumes

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Celebrate spring with organic perfumes made from essential oils. Essential oils from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and woods make beautiful perfumes that double as mood enhancing medicine. You can make your own unique perfume by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils…