Virgo: The Virgin

virgo astrology
virgo astrology-2
  • Archetype: Perfectionist, Servant, Analyst
  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Evolutionary, needs, strategies, and motivation: Virgo energy inspires evolutionary growth. It gives us a sense of purity and humility in our efforts. It calls us to, honestly, look at where we are in life and clarify where we want to go. To see our highest potential and strive to attain it. On the deepest level, Virgo teaches self-love and radical self-acceptance. Fiercely loving yourself will light the way that leads to the highest expression of your evolutionary path. Virgo energy drives us to employ self-discipline, develop quality skills, and put forth a considerable effort to polish ourselves and our offerings. With Virgo energy, there is a motivation toward critical thinking and perfectionism. However, constant critiquing and perfection is not the goal. It is more about reflecting on what is ideal versus the actual reality. Virgo desires to purify, refine, and perfect to create the ideal. The key is to avoid the setbacks of constant perfecting. Your heart knows when your work has met your standard of excellence. Embrace the joy of your creation and graciously release your project or service.
  • Virgo energy in motion: A core value for Virgo is finding work that truly resonates with the soul. In light of this energy, Virgo inspires mastering practical details, competence, developing meaningful and helpful skills, and self-sufficiency. Virgo uses these qualities to become an exquisite craftsperson. Training with experienced teachers and mentors is imperative to mastering these crafts and skills. In astrological terms, being mentored, being part of a lineage, or passing on wisdom teachings are all associated with Virgo. Once these skills are polished, share that meaningful, soulful service with the world. Virgo says, let our actions be of the purest and highest nature. As we aspire to rise to our potential, we serve the evolutionary energy of Virgo. 
  • Shadow: Self-doubt, Self-criticism
  • Body Part Association: Small Intestine
  • Crystals and Stones: Tourmaline, Beryl
  • Herbs and Foods for Mercury: Dill, Aniseed, Fennel, Parsley, Valerian, Hazelnuts, Beans, Mushrooms, and Pomegranates

Yoga Pose: Spine Twist

yoga for virgo

Affirmation: I am pure soul essence. Love leads my evolutionary growth.

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Leo: The Lion

Leo astrology
leo astrology
  • Archetype: King/Queen, Performer
  • Planetary Ruler: The Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Leo energy is invigorating. It helps us develop life-affirming vitality. Leo is joyous, open-hearted, generous, and regal. Leo energy inspires creative self-expression and performance. Singing, dancing, and acting are all Leo’s natural domains. To truly express ourselves from the heart, Leo energy gives us the courage to move through the fear of vulnerability. It calls us to open the portal of our heart and share our heartfelt truth. The key is we must be brave and share something that truly matters to our soul. Sharing with absolute sincerity will land in the hearts of others, and your offering valued as sacred service.
  • Leo energy in motion: You may express your heart on stage in front of an audience or within intimate relationships. The key is sharing authentic self-expression. Your heart wants to be heard, felt, and received. By sharing your true self, you establish heart-centered connections with others. You feel Leo energy when your heart synchronizes with another person. Within these heart-centered exchanges, you experience warm, loving energy. There is a feedback loop of love. For example, when you say “I love you” to another person and they say, “I love you!” You are in communion with love flowing in both directions. Beyond sharing heart-to-heart moments, Leo calls you to courageously leave your authentic mark on the world. It motivates you to take center stage, own your space, share your beautiful soul, and to shine like the star that you are.
  • Shadow: The dramatization of a false self
  • Body Part Association: Heart, Spine
  • Crystals and Stones: Ruby, Jade
  • Herbs and Foods for the Sun: Juniper Berries, Rosemary, Saffron, Chamomile, Sunflower Seeds, Rice, Walnuts, and Grapes

Yoga Pose: Dancer Pose

yoga for leo

Affirmation: I am radiant and creative. I express myself with heart and soul.

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Cancer: The Crab

cancer astrology
cancer astrology
  • Archetype: Healer, Caregiver, The Mother
  • Planetary Ruler: The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation: Cancer has a nurturing and sensitive quality. This energy resonates with home, protection, mothering, and family. Cancer has a rich emotional life and immense sensitivity. Healing and feeling are essential for evolution. Cancer strives to explore the depths of the psyche. It allows our emotions to surface and guide us rather than rely on the intellect alone. Cancer experiences the inner world as a rich resource for creativity. Due to the sensitive nature of deep psychological work, Cancer needs a safe, loving, and secure home for retreat and recovery.
  • Cancer energy in motion:  Cancer is associated with the summer solstice. You may activate Cancer energy whenever you practice self-care or care for others. Preparing a meal at home and sharing the meal with close friends also embodies this energy. Cancer energy is about food for the soul as well. You may feel this energy arise when you desire to deepen your connection to those you love and trust. This energy calls us to create a soul family with deep emotional bonds. It inspires intimate unions between people where it is safe to share sacred secrets. A bond where all that we are is honored. The key is to discern and carefully choose the people you let into your life. Cancer energy has heightened sensitivity, and, therefore, there is a need for self-preservation. However, evolutionary growth happens when you feel safe enough to let go of the shell of protection and open up to loving relationships and experiences. 
  • Shadow: Obsession with safety, Making yourself invisible, subordinating yourself to the point that you become invisible
  • Body Part Association: Breasts, Stomach
  • Crystals and Stones: Pearl, Moonstone
  • Herbs and Foods for the Moon: Chickweed, Clary Sage, Cleavers, Cabbages, Cucumber, Lettuce, and Melons

Yoga Pose: Boat Pose

yoga for cancer astrology

Affirmation: I explore my inner world and listen to the guidance. I nurture and care for my soul.

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Gemini: The Twins

  • Archetype: Communicator, Teacher, Journalist
  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Evolutionary needs, strategies, and motivation:  Gemini is open-minded, curious, intellectual, and is associated with gathering information, language, and communication. Gemini energy calls you to perceive and pay attention to what stimulates your senses. As you assimilate the information that enters your consciousness, you can shape the information into a coherent message. This process helps you discover your authentic voice. You may share your voice through many channels including, speaking, teaching, and writing.  
  • Gemini energy in motion: You may activate Gemini energy when you take a new class or search for information. Gemini inspires life-long learning and thrives on new ideas. It calls us to stay curious and open our minds. Gemini asks questions and will look to find the answers. Gemini knows, beyond the answer, there is more information to discover. Gemini energy inspires self-inquiry as well. Seeking the truth within yourself helps you to make appropriate choices. Listening to the answers that come through your intuition plays a key role. Life is a quest full of fascinating, magical, and, at times, shocking truths. Translating and elucidating the mystical and magical into language is another element of the energy of Gemini. In essence, seek to find the answers, integrate the information that resonates within your soul, and communicate your sacred soul message.
  • Shadow: Chattering, Nervousness, and Scattered energy
  • Body Part Association: Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Fingers, and Lungs
  • Crystals and Stone: Aquamarine
  • Herbs and Foods for Mercury: Dill, Aniseed, Fennel, Parsley, Valerian, Hazelnuts, Beans, Mushrooms, and Pomegranates
  • Yoga Pose: Eagle Pose
gemini yoga pose

Affirmation: I listen and am open to receive the messages that come into my consciousness. I think for myself. I share my authentic voice.