Winter Solstice Reading

Spiritual Reading
As we end this year, the solstice is a good time to reflect, release, forgive, and let go, so we can move into next year with fresh energy. Jupiter and Saturn will be moving into the sign of Aquarius which brings in the energy of freedom, individuality, and truth. You may consider reflecting upon how to ignite this energy into your life.

The reading above tells the soul story of receiving the gifts of the Divine and your higher self and nurturing them, so that they flourish, flow, and grow on earth. It’s a time of quietude and renewal. You may feel a call to action to begin a new path as you reflect upon the past year. The call will feel like an inner awakening to your higher purpose and a desire to engage with the Divine. Through the integration of the body, mind, and spirit, you can co-create with the universe. You truly can create heaven on earth when you embody love and gratitude for all of life’s lessons. It’s a time to ascend on a new journey where magic and synchronicity are the products of your inspiration and positive energy!
Spiritual Readings
Meditation Affirmation
“I am grounded in my truth. As I enter the portal of my heart, I listen to Divine guidance and manifest the truth of my spirit on earth.”

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