There has been a vast amount of research on the health benefits of yoga for adults, but current research presents many physical and psychological benefits for children as well. The physical postures can help children develop neuromotor skills in addition to being a great form of exercise. Yoga breathing and meditation exercises can help calm and center children increasing their attention span and ability to concentrate in school. Research studies have found that children diagnosed with ADHD who practiced yoga had a reduction in symptoms, were able to lower their medication, and experienced a better relationship with their parents. Other studies suggest that yoga can help promote a positive body image and help treat eating disorders.
In my experience, yoga teaches children and adults to look inward, quiet the mind and nurture the body. Yoga practices like meditation can offer a great respite from sensory overload that our children are exposed to everyday. In essence, yoga offers a way to develop a nurturing relationship with the self, which in turn helps to develop nurturing relationships with others.
Above is a picture of a yoga class I recently taught to a group of 8 year old girls. Look at the concentration on their faces! I am so proud of them!

Research study:

2 Comments on “YOGA FOR CHILDREN

  1. Will you be offering more classes for kids?

  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the inquiry. I teach this particular class at a
    dance studio in East Haven, CT. If I teach anywhere closer I will let
    you know. Regards, Alexa

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