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Professional Makeup Application

We all want to look and feel our best. Whether you are going on a first date, attending a special event, wedding, or having a photography session, getting your makeup professionally applied will add polish and glamour to your overall appearance. As a professional makeup artist, I will help you chose the right colors that work for your skin type and complement the clothing you are wearing to your special event. I will also design a healthy, organic beauty, skincare routine that will help you achieve glowing, beautiful skin. I use organic, vegan, and gluten free makeup lines, such as Gabriel Cosmetics, that are free of harsh chemicals.


  • Adults- $60.00 including lash application
  • Teens- $50.00 including lash application

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 Neal’s Yard Remedies Skincare

Beauty comes from within. It is essential to eat healthy, organic food and to exercise to take care of the body and its’ largest organ the skin. Poor diet and stress can lead to a myriad of skin problems. Using organic beauty products that are full of artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals increases your toxic load and can further irritate the skin.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a beautiful and elegant organic skincare and cosmetic line that delivers results. I have spent a lot of time looking for skincare and cosmetics that are healthy for my skin, free of artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals, and are rejuvenating and non-irritating. I have found all of these qualities and more in Neal’s Yard Remedies. All of the products have vegetarian or vegan ingredients.  I absolutely love this line!

Neal’s Yard Remedies is certified organic by the very high standards of the internationally known Soil Association and America’s USDA. Supporting organic farming not only supports our own health, but helps protect our environment from chemical contamination caused by pesticides and fertilizers.

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