Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

yoga allianceChild Evolve Yoga Teacher Training (RCYT®)

Soma Samadhi Yoga & Dance

Our children’s yoga teacher training covers safe applications of yoga techniques and practices based upon the developing child. Students will learn a variety of yoga postures, breathing Mindful Childexercises, mindfulness exercises, and meditation techniques specifically designed for children. Our trainings are open to all who are interested in learning to teach yoga to children. You are welcome to participate in any of our training certifications/workshops or complete all of the curriculum below in order to become certified through Yoga Alliance®. Yoga Alliance certification requires the prerequisite of a RYT200 Yoga Alliance Certificate through any registered school.


 Child Evolve Yoga Training Level One

This training will give teachers a general background in child development and the basic concepts of exercise science for children. Specifically, exercise prescription and the frequency, intensity, and duration of exercise for children, the differences between adults and children for exercise prescription and responses to exercise, benefits of exercise and yoga for children, how to adapt yoga and exercise to children with special needs. Safety issues such as, thermoregulation, injury prevention, and hypohydration will be covered. Foundational yoga practices and beginner exercises for children will be taught.

Time Commitment: One Weekend (16 Hours)

Investment: $325


Child Evolve Yoga Training Level Two

 This training covers yoga techniques and practices such as asana, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation appropriate for children.

Lecture and discussion on alignment principles, such as the plumb line, the curves of the spine, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, abnormal curves, pelvis tilts, and proper standing posture. Detailed discussion and demonstration will focus on how to recognize misalignment and spinal abnormalities during yoga practice and in life. Modifications and corrections to help correct imbalances in the musculature and skeleton will be taught.

Time Commitment: One Weekend (16 Hours)

Investment: $325


Child Evolve Yoga Training Level Three

This training will cover a variety of teaching methods appropriate for children.
Topics include how to choreograph a safe sequence. Pre-designed lesson plans will be provided and will be thoroughly taught and broken down.
Specific training in ethical language and safe classrooms.

Time Commitment: One Weekend (17 Hours)

Investment: $325


Anatomy, Physiology & Energy Systems: 20 Hours

This course covers the basics of Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. Please refer to the
Yoga Teacher Training Page for pricing and details on this workshop.


Yoga Philosophy Workshop: 10 hours

Students will read and discuss the ancient texts of yoga and learn how to apply these ancient practices to modern life. The discussion will center on how to simply communicate these yogic principles to children. Please refer to the Yoga Teacher Training Page for pricing and details on this workshop.


 yoga allianceMentorship Program 

This program is the final component needed to complete the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 95 Hour RCYT Certification. It consists of leading classes, class observation and receiving feedback. Students will also be required to complete designated written homework assignments. There will be ongoing mentorship for the duration of this course.

Prerequisite:  Yoga Alliance® 200 Hour Certification from any Registered Yoga School (RYS®)

Time Commitment: Ongoing (18 Hours)

Investment: $275